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What goes into a Tiny House in Hawaii?

When constructing a tiny house for a tropical climate such as Hawaii it is crucial to consider the elements the unit will be facing not only on location but during transportation. A tiny house built with the same building practices as a tiny house built on the mainland simply won’t last in a tropical climate. These climates require extra consideration and planning to ensure a quality build. This is why we came up with our special build package we offer exclusively for models going to Hawaii! This is our way of ensuring you get the same quality and longevity out of your Tiny Mountain House as you would get on the mainland. We start by using special heavy-duty exterior sealants and caulkings to leakproof the unit. Commonly used building materials such as MDF are more susceptible to moisture damage due to the humidity of Hawaii’s tropical climate so we don’t use any in our builds. We use plywood beadboard walls and hardwood interior trim to handle the climate without issue when cared for like a traditional home.



Saltwater can often cause corrosion on exposed metals leading to an unsightly appeal as well as a shorter life span of the product. When constructing a tiny house on wheels we use a good amount of metal in the trailer, for hardware, fasteners, etc. We take care to use non-corrosive exterior fasteners & hardware and a stainless steel entry lockset. This way your tiny house will look as great as it did the day it was delivered, with proper maintenance.



Your new tiny house has quite the journey before reaching the islands. At Tiny Mountain Houses we prep the unit for transportation by covering exterior doors and main floor windows with a wood sheathing for protection, seal wrapping of mini split compressor and water heater, as well as sealing and securing all openings and vents before it starts its fully enclosed shipping voyage to Hawaii.


With all these precautions taken it is the best way we have found to ensure the longevity of a tiny house in Hawaii. We have shipped dozens of models to Hawaii using the aforementioned package and they are still in use to this day! If you are interested in pricing out a Tiny Mountain House with the Tiny Pacific Houses Hawaii package contact us today. Simply let us know which model you are interested in and where you are looking to place the unit and we will follow up. Hawaii is a gorgeous area and tiny houses are a great way to add on or expand without incurring high costs of building directly in Hawaii. All of our units can be outfitted for Hawaii or any other tropical climate, contact us today to find out more!

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