Referral Program

Option 1: Family and Friends Referral

  • For family, friends or anyone you may know who is ready to order a Tiny House!
  • How it works:  If you order your Tiny House and have a referral that results in an additional order you can receive the following offers.
    • Within 30 days of initial order: $1000 to you, $1000 to them
    • Within 30 days after deliver: $750 to you, $750 to them
    • Show your Tiny House: $500
 General Terms:
  • Referral order must be placed within 30 days of referral to receive $1,000 offer
  • Referral made within 30  days after delivery will receive a $750 referral fee and the referred customer will receive $750 off of their Tiny House
  • Show your Tiny House:  You can receive $500 for every pre approved customer showing that results in a new order.

Option 2: The Tiny House Movement Referral Team

  • Earn up to $5,000 per month!
  • Must apply for acceptance.
  • For those with resources, influence and industry leads
  • We want your best ready to order referrals
  • More attractive rewards program
    • 0-30 Days: $1000
    • 31-45 Days: $750
    • 46-60 Days: $500
 General Terms:
  • Limit of 5 referrals per month starting beginning and end of the month.  (choose your best ready to order referrals wisely!)
  • Please leave the “selling” of the Tiny House to us.
  • Please do not pressure the referred person or party into placing an order within the time frame
  • Do not attempt to offer promises or conditions in regards to the Tiny House relating but not limited to the following: size, structure, floor plans, layout, materials, build time, delivery, registration, price, promotions, financing, or other items that may apply.
  • Full payment upon customer’s final payment.
  • TPH reserves all rights to modify or change this referral program at any time.
  • Full agreement and terms will be made available and agreed upon by both parties to those who qualify for our Tiny House Movement Referral Team