My name is Brandon Hardin, born and raised in Hawai‘i, graduate of Kamehameha Schools class of 2007. I played football at Oregon State University and in 2012 I was drafted in the 3rd round of NFL Draft to the Chicago Bears.

My sports career allowed me the opportunity to serve the community and introduced me to the Tiny House Movement that was serving the homeless at Opportunity Village Eugene, Oregon.

Soon after my initial visit to Opportunity Village I started Tiny Pacific Houses to provide Tiny Houses to all of Hawai‘i.

Tiny Pacific Houses recognizes that it’s not about what you do, it’s why you do it.

With that motto in mind we originally set out with the goal to help the homeless crisis by constructing Tiny House Villages where we could provide the stability needed to get some of Hawaii’s own back on their feet.

Since then, our goal has grown into much more. We strive to shape the Tiny House Movement in Hawai‘i and prove that Tiny Houses can provide affordable housing and ‘Ohana units to all of Hawai‘i.

Currently our units are classified as RVs and are built by the North West’s Premier Tiny House builder – Tiny Mountain Houses. We offer 25 different models that are built to order with customizable options.