Why Live Tiny?

Modern day life can be complicated and hectic. Many people are looking to simplify their lives, and a tiny home is a great way to get away from the complexities of life as a vacation home or even to simplify your day to day life by making one your main residence.

There are many benefits to living in a tiny home. The benefits go far beyond just economy of space and saving on utilities. Here are just a few benefits of going tiny:

-Tiny Homes Feel Like Home

RV’s can make traveling more comfortable, but they never truly feel like you are coming home. RV’s are more akin to a portable hotel room than they are to a home. Tiny homes are easy to take with you wherever you go. They are also easy to set up permanently. Either way, a tiny home feels like a home, not like a vehicle with a bathroom and beds. Tiny houses are houses, made to have all the comforts and qualities of home, and feels like it.

-No Foundation? No Problem!

Do you want to build a home on a mountainside but there is no way to lay a foundation? No problem! Tiny houses can be easily towed and are built on solid platforms. They can be parked or secured many places where it is not possible to build a permanent structure. They are also a great option if it isn’t feasible to have a structure year round due to snow or flooding. Simply pick it up and store it somewhere safe, and bring it back once you need it.

-Save Space And Simplify Your Life

If you are looking to simplify your life, living tiny can be a great way to go. Made to maximize every inch of space, tiny houses combine efficiency with creativity to provide a home with all the amenities of a traditional home in a space that’s easy to clean and take care of.

-Save Money

Tiny homes are less expensive than a traditional home in many ways. Not everyone needs all that unused space, and Tiny Mountain Houses can be custom made to fit your needs. In addition to saving on the price of the home, you will save tons on utilities! Since they can be easily moved they can also save money, as well as time if you are in search of a change of location. You don’t need to pick up and move your whole life into another home, you can just move the home!

The reasons are legion to own your very own tiny house. With all the comforts of home and the freedom to travel, discover the adventure of Tiny Mountain Homes!