Ten Awesome Reasons to Go Totally Tiny!

I. We’re Shrinking – It’s a fact, the family size is indeed shrinking. In 2013, the average home size was 2,598 square feet. For the average family home size in 2013 being 2.55 persons, that seems like an awful lot of extra space to look after.
II. More Time for You – Since Tiny Mountain Houses range in sizes from 200 to 400 square feet, you have much less to clean and maintain. As a result, this will lead to more time to do what you enjoy most!
III. Save a Buck – 68% of tiny house owners have absolutely no mortgage. Yes it’s true! This amazing savings in money can allow you to truly invest in what you’ve always dreamed of; your future!
IV. Save the Planet – You can cut down your carbon footprint drastically by converting to a Tiny House. Wasting less electricity from unwanted appliances that always remain plugged in. Less energy to cool and heat your living quarters as well!
V. Versatility Speaks Volumes – As most tiny house buyers do use them as a permanent residence for themselves, travelling from state to state, parking their houses on the beach for months at a time, there are in fact a lot of buyers using them for other things. Some of our customers have turned them into a home office, in-law suite, or for a home for an adult child returning home.

This is a Custom Built Castle Peak

This is a Custom Built Castle Peak

VI. Say Goodbye To Debt – With saving money from all the advantages of going tiny, you’ll be able to payoff that credit cart debt or car payment a lot faster than you thought.
VII. Mobility Means More – With our houses you can take them just about ANYWHERE. Since we build our homes in such a unique fashion, you’re able to travel with them and take the true comfort of your home everywhere you go! This is great for anybody who loves getting connected with the outdoors.


VIII. Own It, Don’t Rent It – Did you know over 50% of 18-35 year olds don’t own a home because they say they cannot afford a down payment? With our homes, we can find a rate that works for you and provide you with the tiny home of your dreams.
IX. Family Bonding – Smaller is better! When you experience it for yourself you will find that being in a closer proximity to family members creates a much stronger much with everyone over time.
X. Mother Nature Bonding – You’ll find our designs to be different, yes. But what you’ll also notice about our homes is that we feature many windows in each model. This is so your attention will be turned outside at almost any angle in the house. Appreciating the scenery around can drastically increase your frame of mind and outlook on life!