Living Comfortable, Living Tiny

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “Why do I have all of this stuff?”. Don’t worry, everyone does! In our society, we are told to consume, consume, consume. We always have to have the latest whatever. Well, we have GREAT NEWS.

Bathroom view of the custom built #CastlePeak

Bathroom view of the custom built #CastlePeak

More and more people are truly shedding the ‘extra weight’ and converting to a much more minimal way of life. No, minimal does not mean depriving yourself of showers and restrooms and eating a whole different diet altogether. No no no.
It means you are retraining yourself to do the things you already do, but DIFFERENTLY.

Converting to a Tiny Home has really helped us personally because we are almost ‘forced’ to appreciate the beauty around us and we are finding ourselves out and about on the trails more or doing outdoor activities together as a family. Truly a great bonding tool.


We know you love a nice warm shower and your air conditioner, that’s why we have the option to include just about anything you need! From showers, heaters and air conditioners, to incinerating toilets! We have the options for you!
As far as sleeping goes, your bed size truly depends on your design that you’d like to build. Need a twin? No problem. Need a Cal-King? GREAT! Sleep well!


We truly enjoy what we’re doing here at Tiny Mountain Houses. We are working day in and day out to provide the best in the industry, with our company being only a year old we are catching the eye of many consumers and we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for you and your Tiny Home!