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In this scheme discount venlor 75mg line, the conscience prevents people fourths of the subjects tested knowingly gave an incorrect from doing things that are morally wrong order venlor 75mg without a prescription, and the ego- answer at least once in order to conform to the group buy venlor 75 mg. This theory suggests that the conscience is Asch’s experiment revealed other factors—notably developed by parents, who convey their beliefs to their unanimity and size of the majority—that influence con- children. They in turn internalize these moral codes by a formity even when ambiguity isn’t an issue. Even one dissenter decreases the Other psychologists have proposed different theo- incidence of conformity markedly. People who follow the lead of an initial dissenter Further Reading may even disagree with that person and be dissenting Weissbud, Bernice. Although the ambiguity and unanimity of the situation are powerful contributors Consciousness to the incidence of conformity, they are not the sole de- Awareness of external stimuli and of one’s own terminants. Individuals who have a low status within a group or are unfamiliar Wilhelm Wundt’s investigations of consciousness, with a particular situation are the ones most likely to begun in 1879, were central to the development of psy- conform. Wundt’s approach, called members of a study or activity group, or new residents to structuralism, sought to determine the structure of con- a community are more likely to be affected by the pres- sciousness by recording the verbal descriptions provided sure to conform. Personality traits, such as concern by laboratory subjects to various stimuli, a method that with being liked or the desire to be right, also play a role. Certain cultures proach to the study of consciousness was the functional- are more likely than others to value group harmony over ism of William James,who focused on how conscious- individual expression. Behavior- ganization managers, and even parents can establish an ism,pioneered by John B. Watson in the early 1900s, atmosphere or “culture” that either fosters conformity or shifted interest from conscious processes to observable allows for dissension and individuality. Teaching Your Child to was at the heart of Sigmund Freud’s model of human Handle Peer Pressure. He also formulated the concept of the preconscious,which functions as an Conscience intermediate or transitional level of mind between the The moral dimension of human consciousness, the unconscious and the conscious. A preconscious thought means by which humans modify instinctual drives can quickly become conscious by receiving attention, to conform to laws and moral codes. In contrast, the re- In meditation, an altered state of consciousness is pressed material contained in the unconscious can only achieved by performing certain rituals and exercises. The collective unconscious con- widely used in the United States for purposes of relax- tains images and symbols, called archetypes, that Jung ation. It has been found that during this type of medita- found are shared by people of diverse cultures and tend tion, people consume less oxygen, eliminate less carbon to emerge in dreams,myths, and other forms. In Jung’s dioxide, and breathe more slowly than when they are in view, a thorough analysis of both the personal and col- an ordinary resting state. Although sleep suspends the voluntary exercise of stances as alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. The major cate- both bodily functions and consciousness, it is a much gories of psychoactive drugs include depressants, which more active state than was once thought. Delta waves demarcate the thought, memory, and perception, are particularly deepest levels of sleep, when heart rate, respiration, tem- known for their consciousness-altering properties. They perature, and blood flow to the brain are reduced and can produce distortion of one’s body image, loss of growth hormone is secreted. In the comes from the Greek word for sleep (hypnos), hypno- United States, for example, hallucinations are devalued tized people are not really asleep. Their condition resem- by mainstream culture as a bizarre sign of insanity, bles sleep in that they are relaxed and out of touch with whereas the youth counterculture of the 1960s viewed ordinary environmental demands, but their minds remain drug-induced hallucinations as enlightening, “mind-ex- active and conscious. In certain other societies, halluci- include lack of initiative, selective redistribution of at- nations are respected as an important therapeutic tool tention, enhanced ability to fantasize, reduced reality used by ritual healers. Also, hypnosis is often followed by post-hypnotic amnesia, in which the Further Reading person is unable to remember what happened during the Dennett, D. It person lives in New York, that person needs a winter must study economics and culture too. The So- Psychology views certain factors that include: 1) The ciety for Consumer Psychology is a division of the Gestalt principle. The restaurant is popular, it is important to understand what group’s main focus is conducting scientific research, cultural implications are present beside the food; 2) The development and practice in the field. What could be the superficial or seem- journal, Journal of Consumer Psychology as well as an- ingly rational reason a person might have for making a other publication, Journal of Consumer Research and purchase (the need)? What other factors (wants) influence Psychology and Marketing, periodically serves as the it? For instance, even if shoes are purchased as foot pro- voice of those engaged in the understanding of why tection, the desired shoe may be open-toed, strapless, and people buy what they buy. New York: John sons to the picture on a candy bar wrapper, the ever-elu- Wiley & Sons 1994. He urged consumers to be Further Information cautious and not fall prey to hidden meanings or symbols Society for Consumer Psychology of the American Psycholog- in advertising, and pointed out less-than-honest repre- ical Association. Contrast Psychologists understand that in the burgeoning econ- The relative difference in intensity between two omy of the early twenty-first century people’s needs and stimuli and their effect on each other. In the 1970s and early 1980s, household items such as computers and video Contrast, or contrast effect, is the effect a visual recorders were new, and counted as luxuries.

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Integration was guided by health officials trained in modern medicine; harmonisation with modern medicine was the goal safe 75mg venlor. Western science methodologies have been employed to analyse the effectiveness of herbs and treatment on various individuals generic venlor 75 mg mastercard. Tang has asked whether the current western model of research – trying out unknown treatments in animals – is suitable for studying treatments that have long been used in humans 75 mg venlor sale. Some traditional therapies are undoubtedly effective but this does not mean that all are. Tang Traditional Chinese medicine | 133 suggests that there is a much greater need to determine whether Chinese medicinal herbs do work rather than how they might work. Overall, 95% of general hospitals in China have traditional medicine departments, which treat about 20% of outpatients daily. Acupuncture is used widely in western Asia, Australia, Canada and parts of Europe (Figure 6. Ancient works were generally written on bamboo strips and silk, and have not survived. Subsequently, it went into gradual decline until 1822, when it was finally banned by Emperor Dao Guang, who disapproved of its practices. In the early part of the twentieth century acupuncture became part of the ongoing debate as to whether Chinese culture should be overtaken by western influences or maintain its own traditions. With the arrival of western medicine, acupuncture was increasingly relegated to rural and remote back- waters. Acupuncture developed once again as people were quickly trained and pressed into service. News of the success of acupuncture was brought to the west in 1683 by Dr Willen Ten Rhijn, a physician working for the Dutch East Indies Company in Japan. Acupuncture was widely practised in France in the late eighteenth century with Dr Berlioz, a Parisian doctor, becoming the first western prac- titioner of acupuncture in the early nineteenth century. John Churchill, the first British acupuncturist, used the technique in the treatment of rheuma- tism in 1821. Acupuncture was even mentioned in the first edition of The Lancet in 1823 as being chiefly used in ‘diseases of the head and lower belly’. In Scotland, a random survey found that an impressive 94% of respondents in a random survey knew something about acupuncture and 25% said that they would consider using it, although in practice only about 6% had actually done so. Principles of acupuncture In addition to the classic principles of Chinese medicine outlined above, there is one key aspect of practice still to consider. This is the theory of acupuncture points that are stimulated usually by the superficial insertion of 136 | Traditional medicine needles into the skin. Other methods of stimulation include the application of pressure and the passing of a weak electrical current (see below). A further 1000 extra points and special use points may also be identi- fied on the hands, ears and scalp. It is not known how these points were discov- ered – probably it was by observation over hundreds if not thousands of years – nor is it known exactly how many points were first identified. Acupoints cannot be identified by their appearance and no consistent features of their anatomy have been found that distinguish them from other tissues. Practice of acupuncture There is archaeological evidence that shows that the earliest acupuncture needles date back to the Stone Age, when instruments called bian were thought to have been used in China. Needles were subsequently made of many different metals: gold, silver, copper, etc. Modern acupuncturists use solid sterile disposable needles of narrow bore, about 3 cm long (although longer needles may be used at different sites). As many as 15–20 needles may be inserted superficially at the appro- priate point(s). The practitioner then gently introduces the needles a little more deeply into the muscle, rotating them between finger and thumb. Qi and blood flow throughout the meridians and this is where manipulation of the needle is critical in properly moving this flow. The arrival of qi called deqi is signified by a dull ache or tingling sensation and slight inflammation. Some practitioners may use electrical stimulation, connecting the needles to a small piece of equipment powered by batteries. Needles are left in place for up to 20 min: the patient is invited to lie back and relax. Occasionally a needle may be left in place for several days, normally situated in the ear; these so-called indwelling needles should not be used in patients with heart valve disease or who are immunocompromised.

Folinic acid circumvents multiphasic and traces of platinum are detectable in urine this biosynthetic block and thus non-competitively antagonizes months after treatment venlor 75 mg low cost. Drug interactions Determinants of methotrexate toxicity Additive nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity occurs with amino- These consist of: glycosides or amphotericin order venlor 75mg line. Antimetabolites are structural analogues of venlor 75mg otc, and compete Both factors must be exceeded for toxicity to occur in these with, endogenous nucleic acid precursors. The severity of toxicity is proportional to the length of pathways blocked by antimetabolites are not specific to neo- time for which the critical concentration is exceeded and is plastic cells. Thus, their selectivity for malignant cells is only independent of the amount by which it is exceeded. Folinic acid rescue bypasses the dihydrofolate reductase blockade and minimizes methotrexate toxicity. Methotrexate is curative for choriocarcinoma, also induces Monitoring of the plasma methotrexate concentrations has remission in acute lymphocytic leukaemia and is often active in improved the safe use of this drug and allows identification of breast cancer, osteogenic sarcoma and head and neck tumours. If a patient develops severe tox- Methotrexate is also an immunosuppressant (Chapters 26 and icity with protracted elevation of methotrexate concentrations, 50) and is used to inhibit cellular proliferation in severe psoria- methotrexate metabolism can be rapidly increased by adminis- sis (Chapter 51). About 80–95% of a dose of methotrexate These include the following: is renally excreted (by filtration and active tubular secretion) • myelosuppression; as unchanged drug or metabolites. It is partly metabolized • nausea and vomiting; by the gut flora during enterohepatic circulation. Other weak acids including furosemide palsies and a chronic demyelinating encephalitis. Pharmacokinetics Methotrexate absorption from the gut occurs via a saturable Mechanism of action transport process, large doses being incompletely absorbed. It 5-Fluorouracil is a prodrug that is activated by anabolic phos- is also administered intravenously or intrathecally. Adverse effects antimetabolites that are used clinically include tioguanine, fludarabine and 2-chlorodeoxyadenosine [cladrabine] (see • Oral ulceration and diarrhoea is an adverse event in Table 48. Adverse effects • Patients with dihydropyridine dehydrogenase deficiency These include the following: (enzyme activity 5% of normal) have an increased risk of severe mucositis/haematologic suppression. It is effect- Drug interactions ive as part of combination therapy for acute leukaemias. This is Mechanism of action important because allopurinol pretreatment is used to reduce Cytotoxic actions of anthracyclines lead to apoptosis, and the risk of acute uric acid nephropathy due to rapid tumour include: lysis syndrome in patients with leukaemia. Uses Doxorubicin is a red antibiotic produced by Streptomyces Anthracycline cardiotoxicity peucetius. It is the most widely used drug of the anthracycline • Acute: this occurs shortly after administration, with the group, with proven activity in acute leukaemia, lymphomas, development of various dysrhythmias that are occasionally sarcomas and a wide range of carcinomas. It is The camptothecins are active against a broad range of tumours, determined by the cumulative dose. They are cardiomyopathy include prior mediastinal irradiation, age given intravenously. Agents to protect against anthracycline cardiomyopathy Mechanism of action and allow dose intensification are under investigation. Hepatic extrac- tion is high, with 40% appearing in the bile (as unchanged Pharmacokinetics drug and metabolites, e. Topotecan is hydrolysed by disease, particularly if accompanied by hyperbilirubinaemia. Despite their close structural A component of the cytotoxic action of anthracyclines (e. Etoposide and teniposide, synthetic derivatives of omas and the initial treatment of acute lymphoblastic podophyllotoxin (which is extracted from the American man- leukaemia. Vinblastine is a component of the cytotoxic combin- drake or May apple, and is topically effective against warts), ations used to treat testicular cancer and Hodgkin’s disease. Uses Mechanism of action Etoposide is one of the most active drugs against small-cell Vinca alkaloids bind to β-tubulin, a protein that forms the micro- lung cancer and is used in combination therapy. It is also used tubules which are essential for the formation of the mitotic spin- to treat lymphomas, testicular and trophoblastic tumours. They prevent β-tubulin polymerizing with α-tubulin and Mechanism of action thus inhibit mitosis. Key points Adverse effects Practical ‘do’s and don’ts’ of cytotoxic therapy These include the following: • Patients should have recovered fully from the toxic • nausea and vomiting; effects of the previous cycles of cytotoxic therapy • alopecia; before starting the next treatment cycle. Pharmacokinetics • Haematopoietic growth factors (for myelosuppression) Etoposide is given by intravenous injection or orally (50% reduce the duration of the nadir neutropenia, but bioavailability). They are classified Pharmacokinetics into tyrosine kinases, serine-threonine kinases and tyrosine- Paclitaxel is poorly absorbed orally and requires intravenous serine-threonine kinases. It is administered orally on a daily molecules or cellular processes on or within the malignant basis. In the non- Adverse effects ligand-binding domain of these receptors, there is a tyrosine These include the following: kinase which phosphorylates the receptor. Adverse effects Pharmacokinetics These include the following: Oral absorption is very good with almost 100% bioavailabilty.

These diseases affect the digestive system and cause the intestinal tissue to become inflamed buy venlor 75mg mastercard, develop sores purchase 75mg venlor mastercard, and bleed generic venlor 75 mg mastercard. These diseases can be painful and debilitating and may lead to life-threatening complications, especially if untreated. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are very similar in that they both inflame the lining of your digestive tract and can cause severe bouts of watery or bloody C diarrhea and abdominal pain. Where they differ is that Crohn’s disease can occur anywhere in your digestive tract, often spreading deep into the layers of affected tis- sues whereas ulcerative colitis usually affects only the innermost lining of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. Symptoms may come and go and those affected may also experience long periods of remission. Stress can aggravate symptoms, and was once considered to be the underlying cause, but that is no longer the case. Many practitioners, especially those with knowledge of nutrition and preventative medicine, feel that diet may be responsible for triggering these diseases. Both diseases are rare in developing countries and among cultures that eat whole, unprocessed foods. As well, it wasn’t until the mid-1900s that these diseases became a problem in North America. Consumption of fast foods and processed and refined foods and ingestion of chemical food additives is common. It is also possible that the inflammation may stem from the immune system’s response to infection with a virus or bacterium. Since the diseases are more common among those with a family history, genetic mutations may also be to blame. While there is no known medical cure for Crohn’s disease or colitis, there are a variety of lifestyle approaches, supplements, and medications that can reduce the symptoms and even bring about long-term remission. Some people with these diseases experience inflammation in other areas of the body (joints, skin, and eyes). Depending on your situation and the severity of the symptoms and intestinal damage, your doctor may prescribe drug therapy to control the inflammation. Commonly used drugs include sulfasalazine, mesalamine (Asacol), and corticosteroids, such as prednisone. As well, these drugs have serious side effects, so it is important to discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor. Iron supplements are used for anemia, which occurs from chronic intestinal bleeding. For severe cases, surgery to remove the diseased portions of the bowel may be necessary, but this is always the last resort. One study of people with colitis found that 100 mL of aloe vera juice twice daily resulted in a complete remission or an improvement in symptoms in 47 percent of cases, compared with 14 percent of those given a placebo. Herbal teas made from chamomile, slippery elm, and marshmallow can be very soothing to an inflamed gastrointestinal tract. The best sources of these fatty acids are salmon, herring, mackerel, albacore tuna, and sardines. During flare-ups when the intestines are inflamed, raw vegetables and fruits can be irritating, so it is best to cook (steam) these foods. There was a significant clinical improvement (reduction in symptoms) in 78 percent of people who were given wheat grass compared to 30 percent who were given placebo. Wheat grass contains vitamins A, C, E, B-vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, natural en- zymes, and chlorophyll. Carrageenan, a compound used to stabilize milk proteins, has been shown to induce ulcerative colitis in animals. One study found that those who eat fast foods at least two times per week more than triple their risk of developing Crohn’s disease. Try an elimination diet to determine if food allergies are worsening your symptoms. One study also found that fish oil supplements reduced the risk of relapse and flare-up. Taking a quality multivitamin every day can help restore nutrient levels and improve overall health. Those with severe damage to the intestine may not be able to absorb B12 so injections can be taken. Replacing the flora with probiotic supplements C can help improve digestion and nutrient absorption and relieve constipation and diarrhea. Dosage: Look for a product that provides at least one billion cells per capsule and take twice daily. Some research has shown that it can reduce symptoms of both Crohn’s disease and colitis, similarly to prescription drugs.