Comfort for Everyone

Tiny homes are often thought of units under 1,000 square feet, boasting amazing interior design and organized living. This is so you can absolutely maximize space and live a clutter-free life.
TinyMountainHouses-2Tiny Homes can often be associated with high priced living or a far off tiny home you only ever but once a year. Although this may be true for some folks, it’s becoming more and more apparent to everyone in the tiny home community that it’s affordable, live-able and financial viable for almost anyone out there.
When tiny homes first emerged over 40 years ago, it was folks who had nothing, living in poverty and sometimes in large numbers, just started building. That’s right, they didn’t have a million dollars in their pocket at any given moment, no suit to wear to work, no debt to pay off. Yet, they still somehow seemed to acquire their true dream home.

When you were young, what did you envision your dream home like? 6? 7 bedrooms? 4 or 5 bathrooms? Well in all reality, depending on your location, you’ve now realized that your dream may be a just a tad out of your desired ‘dream’ price range. It can be tricky deciding what to do. Do I work the rest of my life and risk not being able to pay my house off? Or can I financially independent and live in this thing called a ‘tiny home’?

It’s been found that almost everyone we’ve come across in this movement has the same answer, “DO IT!”. Most of the folks say that it has created a bond with family who lives in the home still or family that comes over to visit. It creates an atmosphere of intimacy, making for great conversation and great views of the stars above.